Dorothy Dandridge and Stuart Whitman, The Decks Ran Red


Dorothy Dandridge (1922-1965) and Harry Belafonte (1927- ) in a publicity portrait for Carmen Jones (1954).


brandos top 12 list of people that should have had awesome sex together aka my crack!otps (in a slight, particular order)

05. Marlon Brando & Dorothy Dandridge


I don’t really fancy people stealing scans and photos from this Tumblr and I wasn’t going to say anything but as I scroll through the tags I’m seeing it.

Now obviously, I have no control of people’s morals but if I scan something and put work into it, it would be greatly appreciated that you either reblog the photograph or just not participate at all.

It’s a morality issue here.

And also, the reason I don’t put my name on scans and photos is because I did not take the photograph. I don’t tag myself because my own mother wasn’t even a thought when most of these photos were taken.

It’s like me putting my name in the source of a picture like I’m the creator of it. That’s ridiculous.

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Dorothy Dandridge teamed up with music composer Phil Moore. This collaboration resulted in record breaking openings at nightclubs and hotel engagements all across the United States and Europe. Dorothy’s performances received rave reviews, and she became the highest paid cabaret performer on the club circuit. The nightclub reviews gave Dorothy the publicity that she needed to get the film work she desired in Hollywood.